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Once upon a time, Christian conferences were an invaluable resource. They brought together the best speakers, pastors and leaders of the church to a receptive and teachable audience. For most of the attendees, it was the first time to see, hear, and learn from some of the leading voices of the church who dispensed new and original thoughts and ideas.

Fast-forward to today. Conferences have, for the most part, lost their utility and are nothing more than a gargantuan waste of money.

  • They have lost their utility because of the internet. Whereas conferences once provided a platform for some of the leading voices to articulate original or little-heard and inaccessible messages, speakers today simply regurgitate the same old message they have already spoken or written about, and which are already accessible via the internet. The essence of – or the very same message itself – can be found online or in a book. Conferences are reduced to little more than a performance on American Idol: the song is already available online even before the singer picks up the mike. But the audience still wants the speaker to perform live!
  • They are a gargantuan waste of money. For a two day conference: Commuting cost (trains, planes, and automobiles) = average $450 roundtrip. Room & board (at an economical hotel for two nights = $250); food = $ 40/day; conference ticket = $150; Misc. = $70. Total estimate per attendee = $1,000. In addition, the conference organizers dish out $ to the speakers, rental of venue and facilities, insurance etc. At the end of the day, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of $s are wasted spent. And all for messages which could be downloaded online for free, or bought for $14 at a bookstore. Read More »